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Dars-e-Masnavi by Pir Muhammad Alauddin Siddiqui Sahib (RA)

The Masnavi Sharif, also written as Mesnevi, Mathnawi, or Mathnavi, is an extensive poem written in Persian by Jalal al-Din Muhammad Balkhi (RA) also known as Molana-e-Rumi, the celebrated Persian Sufi poet. It is one of the best known and most influential works of Sufism. The Masnavi is a series of six books of poetry that together amount to around 25,000 verses or 50,000 lines. It is a spiritual text that teaches Sufis how to reach their goal of being truly in love with God

Keeping in view the importance of Masnavi Sharif in Modern Period/Era, Pir Muhammad Alauddin Siddiqui Sahib (RA) of Nerian Sharif Darbar took great step and translated it in Urdu Version in the shape of Video Speeches. These lessons (dars) are so important for Muslim Uma in this modern period for enlightening their faiths.

Watch Dars-e-Masnavi

Dars-e-Masnavi by Pir Muhammad Alauddin Siddiqui Sahib (RA)

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