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About Us

About Us

Shaikh Alaudin Siddiqui Sahib (RA) was a prominent Shaikh (spiritual leader) of the Naqshbandi Order; a renowned Islamic scholar; a leading Islamic Sufi; a celebrated philanthropist and also believed, by a growing number of reputable Islamic scholars around the world, to be the Mujaddid (renewer of faith) of his era. Shaikh Alaudin Siddiqui Sahib (RA) has been the key inspiration behind all the projects implemented by the Mohiuddin Trust. As a prominent Sufi Shaikh (mentor) of the Naqshbandi order – commanding a following of disciples numbering well into the millions worldwide, Shaikh Alaudin Siddiqui Sahib (RA) believed his existence was to serve and improve the plight of mankind, regardless of colour or creed. To this end he had worked tirelessly all his life promoting the well-being of the deprived and the under-privileged where ever he has travelled around the world.

Holding the office of Chancellor of Mohiuddin Islamic University, Shaikh Alaudin Siddiqui Sahib had pledged free education to those from unfortunate and underprivileged backgrounds.

In light of current social and cultural trends Shaikh Alaudin Siddiqui Sahib (RA) felt that a television channel devoted to promoting family values was necessitated to counter the corruption; immodesty and the immorality being broadcasted by mainstream media. Noor TV was proposed as an answer to that. The mission of this channel is to remain a family-oriented station broadcasting love, peace and harmony.
As a distinguished Sufi Shaikh recognised the world over, Shaikh Alaudin Siddiqui Sahib (RA) was encouraged by the British government to help spread the message of Sufism to the mainstream public. This gave rise to the Sufi Academy, launched in April 2009, at the Palace of Westminster by Shaikh Alaudin Siddiqui Sahib (RA) together with Hazel Blears (former, Sec of State for Local Government) and Sion Simon (former, Education Minister).
Shaikh Alaudin Siddiqui Sahib (RA) is continuously engaged in serving the poor and the vulnerable, though he could be found in any part of the world at any given time, he was however, most often based either in Narian Sharif (Azad Jammu & Kashmir); Rawalpindi (Pakistan) or Jameah Mohiuddin Siddiqia (Birmingham, UK).

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